Duas for Night of Power (Laylatul Qadr)

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Duas for Night of Power

Dua (supplication) is the core of worship and another narration Prophet PBUH says, “the supplication (Dua) is the essence of worship”. It’s the weapon of the believe as there is nothing that can protect, defend and support against the problems, worries, harms, evil and tribulations like Dua.

(Anas, may Allah be pleased with him related that the Prophet said this as reported in Tirmidhi). The Prophet PBUH said, Duas of three persons are not rejected, a fasting person when he breaks the fast, a just and impartial leader and an oppressed person. ALLAH raises it up directly above the clouds and opens the gates of heaven to it.

And ALLAH says, “By My might, I shall surely relief you, even if it should be after a while.” No one can make Dua if ALLAH is not permitting him what he asks for. No one makes a Dua without Allah giving him what he asks for or keeping him away from a similar amount of evil on condition that he does not ask for sin or for breaking family relations. – Tirmidhi.

For non-Arabic speaking Muslims, Dua (supplication) is the good Arabic Words that Imams utter after prayers and Muslims typically say Amen without understanding what they are asking from ALLAH for. There’s list of Muslims who learn some Arabic Duas to cognize what he’s asking for.

Well, good, as a Muslim we should learn and understand Arabic Duas because Quran Pak is in Arabic too. We should know what we are saying, asking to ALLAH and what’s the meaning of it. But if we say supplication, this is nothing than the direct way to interconnect with ALLAH.

ALLAH is the Creator who knows better what you’re asking for either in Arabic or else language. He knows what’s in your heart than how is it possible not to know what you’re saying? He is familiar with each and everything. He is creator, listener, counsellor and therapist.

Aisha (may ALLAH be pleased with her) reported that the Messenger of ALLAH (peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him) preferred duas that were few in words and complete in meaning. – Abu Dawud.

He knows what we have buried in our heart like love, hatred, jealousy, ill-feeling toward anyone and all. So, no matter in what language we are doing Dua, it is just dua that is depends on our attention. Dua cannot be ended in a distracted and unfocused manner.

Prophet PBUH said in a Hadith narrated by Abu Huraira, “Make Dua and be assured of being answered and know that ALLAH does not answer a Dua from a thoughtless heart which is not intended and concentrating. -Tirmidhi.

There’s no specific time and space for it but some conditions are mentioned when to do Dua. Ramadan is the month of blessing that give us the chance to make strong connection with ALLAH by doing worship and gain reward. This is the month when all supplications (Duas) are accepted.

The importance of Laylatul Qadr (the Night of Decree) cannot be denied as the Holy Quran was sent down in this night. The Muslims who find Night of Power should pray the whole night out of reliance and hoping for a reward from ALLAH. ALLAH says in Quran.

“Verily! We have sent it (Quran) down in the Night of Decree (Laylatul Qadr). And what will make you know what the Night of Decree is? The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months. Therein descend the angels and the soul (i.e. Gabriel) by ALLAH’s Permission with all Decrees, Peace! until the appearance of dawn.” (Al-Qadr 97: 1-5)

“The Prophet (P.B.U.H) used to exert himself in the last ten nights more than he would at other times.” (Muslim)

It is narrated from Aisha, may ALLAH be pleased with her, that she said, “I said, O Messenger of ALLAH, if I know what night is the Night of Qadr what should I say?”. Prophet PBUH said, “Say: O ALLAH you are embodiment of mercy and you love to pardon so pardon me.” -Ahmad, Ibn Majah, Tirmidhi.

So, in this post, we’ll go through some Duas for Night of Power, Night of Decree (Laylatul Qadr). These Duas for Laylatul Qadr Night can be made daily during Ramadan.

Duas for Night of Power

Duas for Laylatul Qadr

O ALLAH, I beg You, please guide my parents and my sibling toward You. Do not let them die without realizing who their Lord is. Let them see the truth and help them resist the pressure of friends who try to turn them away from You.

O ALLAH, save humanity from being its own enemy. Protect Your creation from oppression. Save the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir and Chechnya from internal and external oppressors and give them justice. Protect us all from violence, fear and danger, You are our Protector.

O ALLAH, I ask You for pardon and well-being in this life and the next. O ALLAH, I ask You for pardon and well-being in my religious and worldly affairs and my family and my wealth. O ALLAH, veil my weaknesses and set at ease my dismay. O ALLAH, preserve me from the front and from behind and on my right and on my left and from above, and I take refuge with You lest I be swallowed up by the earth.

We have reached the morning and at this very time all sovereignty belongs to ALLAH, Lord of the worlds. O ALLAH, I ask you for the good of this day, its triumphs and its guidance and I take refuge in You from the evil of this day and the evil that follows it.

O ALLAH, please forgive me for all of the bad that I’ve done, and I continue to do. You are so Merciful and kind, please forgive me and help me stay away from all that’s wrong. It’s so hard for me and I’m so weak but You are the Strong. Please increase me in sincerity.

O ALLAH, make every single aspect of my life be for You and in service of Your Creation. Please remove all false intentions that I have.

O ALLAH, increase me in knowledge, but let this knowledge be with sincerity, not seeking fame, glory, status, material wealth. Let this knowledge serve Your cause in a way that You accept, and let it benefit humanity.

O ALLAH, grant my body health, O ALLAH, grant my hearing health, O ALLAH, grant my sight health. None has the right to be worshipped except You.

O ALLAH, please guide my neighbours (take their name here) toward You. They are such decent, good people and they are so good to us. They have never opposed us in our Deen and You have seen how they have been so open to us. Please guide them to the right path.

O ALLAH, Knower of the unseen and the seen, Creator of the heavens and the Earth, Lord and Sovereign of all things, I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except You. I take refuge in You from the evil of my soul and from the evil and shirk of the devil and from committing wrong against my soul or bringing such upon another Muslim.

O ALLAH, guide me to seek my knowledge of You and this blessed religion from those who are sincere, who possess the correct Islamic knowledge, who are moderate and gentle, who are not harsh or impatient with me and who understand where I’m coming from, my situation as a Muslim in this country, living in this world today.

SubhannAllahi wa Bihamdihi SubhannAllheilAzeem۔ “Glory is to Allah and praise is to him. Recite 100 times in the morning and evening”. – Tirmidhi


It was narrated that Umar bin Al-Khattab said, “Prophet (peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him) said, “Whoever performs Wudu’ and does it well, then says, Ashhadu an la ilaha ill-ALLAH wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa rasuluh (I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except ALLAH and I bear witness that Muhammad is his slave and Messenger). Eight gates of Paradise will be opened for him and he may come in through either one he wishes.” – Sunan an-Nasa’i.

O ALLAH, let me love You as You deserved to be loved and let me fear You as You deserve to be feared, and let me leave this world serving Your creation for Your sake.

Ya ALLAH, don’t let me ever turn away from You, no matter how many trials and difficulties You test me with. Let these difficulties serve to make me a stronger Muslim and sincerer to You.

It was said, “O Messenger of ALLAH, which supplication is most likely to be listened to?”. He said, “During the last part of the night and at the end of the compulsory prayers”. – Tirmidhi

“La Hawla wa la Quwwata illa Billah.” There is no power and no strength except with ALLAH. -Sunan Ibn Majah.


O ALLAH, all of my brothers and sisters who are suffering for Your sake through torture, violence, in jails, etc. around the world please forgive their sins and grant them Paradise.

O ALLAH, increase me in knowledge, but let this knowledge be with sincerity, not seeking fame, glory, status, material wealth. Let this knowledge serve Your cause in a way that You accept and let it benefit humanity.

O ALLAH, please guide my children and all children. They are surrounded by so much temptation and Haram (forbidden things). Protect them my Lord from all of the evil influences that are around them. Give them friends who will strengthen their faith and help them stay on the Straight Path.

Ya ALLAH, please help me to stay away from Haram in achieving the best of this world.

O ALLAH, give me the ability to forgive all those who have hurt me in word and deed. Ya ALLAH please join our hearts.

Ya ALLAH, open a way for my children to marry with the one who is sincere and devoted to You and who is compatible with them.

O ALLAH, help orphans and poor wherever they are. Give me the means and ability to do all that I can do for them.

O ALLAH, help me stop my bad habits of eating and talking too much.

O ALLAH, cleanse my heart of the sicknesses of arrogance and pride and let me die as one of the sincere, humble Muslims.

O ALLAH, please get me out of this horrible debt that is burdening me. Please give me means that are Halal (permissible by Islam) to get out of this as soon as possible, so that I can face You on the Day of Judgment free of all debts.

Oh Allah, I have been so impatient and angry in my behavior, please give me patience and help me control my anger for Your sake.

O ALLAH, bless our scholars and leaders who are striving to establish Islam in this world on the balanced path of Your Beloved Prophet PBUH.

Ya ALLAH, open a way for me to make Hajj as soon as possible. I want to fulfill my obligation to You.

Ya ALLAH, lift the veils from the eyes of those who have been deceived into seeing Islam as something bad because of ignorance and media categorizes.

O ALLAH, bring all humans closer to You and each other. Please do not make us Muslims a test for them with our misrepresentation of Islam because of our bad behavior.

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