Emotional Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

47 Emotional Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

These emotional birthday wishes for daughter from mom will make you really emotional. Being a mother is most beautiful feeling. But if you’re a mother of a girl or you’re having a girl, then yes, feelings are super amazing and beautiful because daughter is a soul-mate, a companion, an understanding buddy and a stunning gift from God. I can’t forget the day when I hold my little angel. It filled my heart with happiness and gratitude. I was smiling by looking at her innocent and cute face. Her little hands, her tiny body and super cute smile made me happy. It was the time of realization to have a best friend, indeed!

I can’t forget the day and date of when my daughter was born. I hark back to everything and more importantly I count days for her birthday to wish her a new year of her life. I am sure you will also not forget any moment spend with your little angel and you too are one of those who wait for her birthday to make it happiest, special and memorable. Well, yeah, I am pretty sure, you do so. You definitely do.

So, here are emotional birthday wishes for daughter from mom. I know we can’t express our state of mind and emotions in a way we really feel but we can do our best to share it with such word to make our loved one happy. You can make your daughter pleased by wishing her birthday with such a beautiful, wonderful and inspiring wishes. This would mean a lot for her.

This would be what make her to feel special and God-gifted. You would love to see big smile on her face and it would make you happier.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom 1

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

  1. Ohwoo! The most awaited and celebrated day of the year is here. I wait for this day excitedly. On this day, I would like to tell you that I am proud to have you as my daughter, I always thanks to God for giving me such a wonderful gift. Happy birthday my lovely daughter.
  2. Being your parent has been the most meaningful part of my life. Thanks for making me a proud parent. Happy birthday little angel.
  3. You renew my faith in the world because any world that has as incredible a person as you in it is one that can only be good. You are such an inspiration to me, and I hope you feel surrounded by love and warmth on your birthday. Happy birthday darling!
  4. A daughter as sweet and loving as you are hard to come by, and I am so fortunate that I was blessed with a wonderful daughter like you. May your birthday be filled with lots of happiness, joys, presents and cake. Happy yummy birthday lovely daughter.
  5. My heart beats just for you, my thoughts move around you at all round the clock. You are the treasure of my life. Let God give you a healthy and happy life. Happy birthday my dear daughter!
  6. All of your wishes and dreams be fulfilled on your special day. Happy Birth Day my baby. Even when you are older, you will always have a special place in my heart. I hope your birthday is filled with great things, a great party, Gifts, Balloons and so on.
  7. Every now and then I wonder what I did to deserve you as my daughter. I always thank God for giving such a thoughtful, loving and kind person as my daughter. Happy birthday my child.
  8. You are not only my daughter but my best friend also. Thank you for being so understanding. Have a happy birthday my daughter.
  9. I am beyond grateful that God, in his infinite wisdom, granted me a daughter that is so amazing! May God help you in all your way and difficulties and bless you with health, wealth, prosperity and success. Birthday blessing my child.
  10. There are many things I wish for you in life, success, good health, and fortune are just a few. But there is one thing I wish for you above all others, to know the joy of having a daughter to smoother in love. Happy birthday my child.
  11. Dear daughter today is the day that you made me feel what motherhood is, you made me happy that can never be expressed in words. I always pray for you and your success. Let God give you all that you need in your life. Have a great and healthy life ahead. Many happier returns of the day my dear daughter…
  12. Happy Birthday to my cutest Daughter. That was the lucky day for me when you come in my life. You have brightened my world. Your Birth Day is very special for me as I got such a beautiful little Angel in my life. Best wishes on your birthday! I hope it’s as sweet as you are.
  13. Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter! You are gift of God. You’re the one who give us a thousand reasons to smile every day. Stay blessed my child.
  14. You are a lot like a diamond, brilliant, amazing, and flawless. You differ in that you are worth far more than any stone. You are such a treasure, not only to me but to our whole family. Happy birthday to a lovely daughter!
  15. Happy Birth Day my Daughter. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing daughter in my life. You bring fun, laughter, and joy into my life. You have so many roles in life, friend, confidante, and contemplate. Thank You Baby for everything.
  16. Truly wish you that you have an amazing day, filled with happiness, laughter, gifts and love. Because I know you deserve all the things, you have been such a blessing in my life. Happy Birthday my lovely child.
  17. Today is your birthday my dearest daughter. I know you are equally excited. I wish this day to be filled with happiness and joy. Have a great birthday my princess.
  18. Time just flies away. Just yesterday you were in my arms, and today you are ready to go to high school. May you keep on achieving greater heights in life. On your special day, I wish that all your dreams come true and you have the strength to reach great heights in life. Happy birthday dearest daughter.
  19. Life is not always a bed of roses if also offers some darkness and in those times you need to travel towards the light. You have to be strong and should be able to face any hard situations that life gives you. We are there with you, just move on and keep moving across the hurdles. Wish you a happy birthday my dearest daughter.
  20. No matter how far you are, my heart will always beat for you. Happy birthday my daughter. May your day be filled with happiness.
  21. Happy birthday my lovely daughter! On this special day, I want you to know that you will always find your mother beside you who will always support you for all your good deeds. Have a wonderful life with a lot of happiness. I love you my dear daughter.
  22. Life is never easy, and you would face certain hurdles. During dark times travel towards the light, always believe in yourself and do not forget you will always have us beside you. Happy birthday!
  23. Happy birthday my daughter and enjoy your day with full heart. Summon up, you will be my always my little Angel and remember that age is just a number!
  24. Your birthday is so important for me. I hope it will fill with balloons, gifts, and cake. More importantly, I hope it is filled with love, joy, and warmth. May you achieve all those targets which you dream about and may your every wish come true this year. Happy birthday my lovely daughter.
  25. Birthday to my loveliest Princess! I am so proud of you and I would like to give many thanks to God to have such a perfect daughter. Enjoy your day with full of fun and happiness.
  26. Oh my daughter! I wish may this day give you lot of reasons to smile and shower you with countless blessings. Wish you a happy birthday my shiniest daughter. Much love!
  27. As you blow the candles and wish on your birthday, I would pray to fulfill all your dreams and always keep you happy and healthy. Happy birthday my daughter.
  28. When you are sad, I will be your shoulder to lean on. When you are happy, I am happy to see you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I always thank God to give you to me as a daughter. Happy birthday my lovely girl.
  29. The day you came, I was oblivious of how and what but today I can say I am one of the luckiest parents to have such an incredible daughter. May God bless you my child. Happy birthday sweetheart.
  30. When God gave you to me, I was blessed with a best friend for life. We share our joys as well as sorrows. On this special day, I would like to thank you for being such a blessing in my life. Happy birthday to my cutest and best daughter.
  31. Happy birthday my darling daughter! No doubt, you’re my lovely daughter and I pray to God to make you a wonderful wife and a proud mother. Have a life full of pleasure, happiness and satisfaction. Mom loves you my child.
  32. Happy Birth Day my rising star, my world, my life.  Your guidance and friendship teach me many things that I may couldn’t learn, you are my lucky charm, my lucky star child. Happy birthday dearest child.
  33. Your Birth Date was the happiest day of my life. All my stress get melts away whenever I look at you. Being your mom has been the most meaningful part of my life. Thanks to God sending you into my life. Have a lovely Happy Birthday!
  34. When you smile it makes my day, my heart throbbing to see you unhappy. All I ever wanted is you to be happy and always smiling. Happy birthday my lovely daughter.
  35. I hope you attain great heights in life and fulfill all your dreams. Always remember I will always be there to support you. Happy birthday to my sweetheart.
  36. Life is a journey and It takes some time to get to where we want to be. The journey is important because it helps us to achieve our goal and aim. I wish may God bless you with everything good in life. I wish May God help you and guide you the right way. Happy birthday my darling daughter!
  37. On your birthday, I wish, may the God fill your life with happiness, joys, prosperity, wisdom, knowledge and understanding and enrich you with an excellent spirit of greatness. Happy Birthday my child.
  38. I know I do not often tell you how much you mean to me, how much I love you and how much important you’re in my life. On your birthday I would like to grab the opportunity to tell you that you mean the world to me, and I wouldn’t mind working hard to give you the life you deserve. Happy birthday my precious daughter.
  39. My sweetheart, no matter how older you become, you’ll always be the little girl for us. Happy birthday my daughter! Have a wonderful and prosperous life. May your path always be blessed with lots of love!
  40. Today you’ve completed another year of your life. Congratulations my child! You are and always will be my first priority and I can do anything for the well-being of your life. Always be happy and my blessings are always with you. Happy birthday darling daughter.
  41. On this special day, my heart is filled with sweet memories of a cute little girl who has touched my heart and changed my life forever. Happy birthday my sweetest daughter.
  42. Here is another wonderful year. With each year you are growing to be a responsible and loving woman. I wish you keep on making me proud. May God bless you with health, wealth, happiness and success. Happy birthday my sweetie pie.
  43. My adorable daughter, I wish you a very happy birthday. You are the most valued and beautiful girl for me. Have a wonderful day dear. May all your birthday be celebrated with much love! Mom loves you a lot. Happy birthday my life-line.
  44. On this special day, I want to tell you that, I will always cheer for you in your every success and will appease you if you become failed in your way. Never lose hopes and be happy. Have a wonderful birthday my daughter!
  45. On your birthday, let me give you a small piece of advice. The world is not always fair, and you will have your share of dissatisfactions but what matters is how you get back on your feet. I will always be there for you at every step of life to guide you. Happy birthday darling daughter.
  46. My little angel! You are a daughter that any parents would like to have. May God make happiness to your daily buddy and remove all the sorrows from your life. Have a lovely birthday my child!
  47. Whenever people say I am a good mother, I’m guilty of taking all the credit because the credit must go to you for being such an obedient and understanding daughter. Happy birthday darling.

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